Complete the following assignment

Poetry Anthology
A poetry anthology is a collection of poems from different poets on the same topic or theme.

· Choose a topic, for example friendship, music, dance, love, nature, basketball, weather, courage, war, discrimination, food, etc.

· Search for poems on your topic and read as many as you can.

· Use both books and the approved Internet sites.

o Library databases

· Select at least 2 poems from book sources and no more than 3 poems from an approved Internet site that “speak” to you personally. (Total of 5 poems) These poems should be your favorites.

· The poems you choose must be from different poets.

· You must use a minimum of 3 sources.

· When you have chosen a poem for your anthology, be sure to go to Noodletools and enter your information.

· Write several personal poems related to your theme and choose your favorite to include in your anthology.

· You may include up to three additional personal poems for extra credit.

Second: Write an Author’s Note connecting the theme and poems you chose to yourself.

· The Author’s Note should include the following information:

· Why you selected this theme. How is it meaningful to you?

· How the poems you chose reflect the theme.

· What the reader might get from reading your anthology.

· The Author’s Page may be written in the form of a poem or in paragraphs, minimum of three.

· Write a dedication page mentioning people inspiring your love of poetry or who helped you in any way to create your anthology.

· Using Noodletools, construct an Acknowledgments page (Works Cited).


· Construct a table of contents (optional).


· Present your anthology in a creative manner. Consider how you use color, titles, lettering, shape, pictures, etc. Your presentation should fit with your theme. For example, if your theme is Weather, your anthology might be cut into the shape of a cloud.

· Your project should be typed and put together neatly. Use your imagination. Make sure that the teacher can read all of the fonts and that the color of the print is dark enough to read comfortably.

· Double check to make sure the titles and authors are on each poem.

· Assemble content pages in the following order:

Author’s note
Table of contents (Optional)
6 Poems- you may choose how to arrange them.
Acknowledgment page

· Number the pages

There are many steps to this project. Try to complete each part as we go over it in class so that all you need to do at home is type, add the finishing touches, and put your project together.

Enjoy the time you spend reading and writing poems. Read the ones you like aloud and savor them. Read them over and over again until they become yours!

Anthologies turned in early will receive 5 bonus points.

Anthologies turned in late will receive partial credit.

If you need help, please see the teacher as soon as possible.

Due Date is June 1, 2011.